Massage Therapy For Seniors With Dementia

kjMassage is the best and the most natural alternative therapy that is known to cure health ailments. The application of pressure externally on the skin goes deep into the muscles and the ligaments and thus relieving it of contractions and stiffness. It is known to aid better blood circulation in the body and accordingly relieving your body from any pain or injury that you have received. Massage therapies often require special hands that are professionals and know the right techniques for performing the therapy.

Even though you are a professional and have gone through necessary training to partake with soothing and efficient treatments, it is critical to understand the body conditions of the one whom you are dealing with. All humans do not have the same body type and therefore, before imparting with any such therapy, it is vital to take certain precautions not to harm the health conditions of the receiver and effectively letting them gain relief from pain.

• Know the health conditions – While a person approaches you for a professional therapy, you should have relevant knowledge about the health conditions of the person. He shouldn’t have any major illness or health issues that may worsen due to the external pressure on their body.

• Keep away from contagious illnesses – If you have caught a cold or any such infectious disease, it is better not to provide any therapy to anyone as they too would be inhaling the same air while you are in a the room and thus causing the disease to spread. It would be the same for the receiver. If he/she too has a contagious disease, it is better to avoid until they are fit.

• Ask the receiver about the level of pain – While you are exerting pressure on the receiver, it is vital to communicate with him/her to know about the level of pain that they can endure. You can accordingly adjust your hands and apply the required pressure.

• Keep the ambience calm – While you perform therapies on the receiver, it is important to maintain the temperature of the room moderate. Covering the parts of the body with a towel too would make the receiver feel comfortable and at ease. If they get conscious about themselves, they wouldn’t be enjoying the session and feeling relieved.

• Keep your hands away from skin issues – The receiver may have minor skin issues like an open cut, burn or boil. Avoiding them would be suitable or else it would aggravate the wound and cause infection.