How Massage Helps Alleviate the Pain of Headaches

grMassage is a very good relaxation technique and a useful therapy for various problems. It can be used to help you reach goals; it can be used to bring you peace of mind. It can help repair broken down muscles and it can prevent injury.

Massage therapy has plenty of benefits and in this piece we’re going to look at massage and headaches.

Common place problem

We’ve all had headaches and some us get them more often than not. They’re an extremely common problem with more than 10 million people in the UK suffering with them regularly. There are different severities from a mild niggling issue to a serious problem that leaves you in agony. Before we look at how massage therapy can help with headaches it would be a good idea to look at what causes them.

What causes headaches?

There is no simple answer to this as there is a great variety of factors that can cause a headache. Headaches are caused by complex chemical changes in the brain. They can be caused by muscle tension which is the most common type. They can be a result of drinking too much alcohol, dehydration and sensitivity to the light. They can be the symptom of a drug or they can be a result of a cold or flu.

There are so many different causes. You do need to be careful with headaches because there are some serious underlying problems behind some of them. If the pain is very bad and it persists you should seek the advice of your GP.

Alleviate the pain with massage

So how can massage therapy help with headaches? There are some headaches that massage can do nothing for but luckily it can help with the most common type, the tension headache.

By relaxing the muscles around the neck and head you relieve muscles spasms and get all the other benefits of massage such as improving blood circulation. This can reduce stress and directly relax tension in the muscles which will negate the impact of a tension headache.

Of course massage can also be a relaxing experience and this can severely reduce the amount of stress and anxiety you’re suffering from which can reduce the effect of some headaches.

As well as being an effective painkiller and reliever of headaches, massage therapy is a drug free solution, which is always nice.