3 Good Reasons Why a Regular Massage Using Simple Massage Techniques Can Benefit Your Children

opWhen we think about going to a therapy centre, the primary motivation for doing so is some pampering and good old R&R. “A massage eases away my stress and relieves tension” is often heard from those that experience massage regularly. However, the benefit to children is not often considered.

Here are three reasons why committing to a good massage therapy routine between you and your child can improve their over-all health and well-being.

Quicker weight recovery in infants

The ideal weight of a new-born child is subject to a lot of debate because there are so many variables that should be considered. However, let’s assume that a baby is born under-weight or is developing at a slower pace than expected, then massage is a wonderful non-intrusive way of encouraging growth in the infant. Good massage techniques will stimulate blood-flow and digestive function that is so vital to the healthy development of a child.

Relieving stress

We don’t often attach feelings of stress to children but they do get this too. A child may not stress about their jobs or paying their mortgage but their experience of stress is still quite real. A child may develop stress from bullying at school, feeling unappreciated or being degraded by their peers, anticipating punishment when they have misbehaved etc. a very helpful coping mechanism is regular massage. The physical connection between parent and child during a massage is an extremely powerful stress-buster for children as it induces trust and emotion. This probably will develop their openness and so their communication skills should improve as a result.

This improvement may well positively affect their subjection to bullying or elevate their status among their peers. It may even mend the feeling of animosity between child and parent as a result of a reprimand from their misbehaviour.

Stimulating physical and mental development

We’ve already established that massage improves blood-flow and digestion so it is logical to derive that this will benefit physical and mental growth too. Infants and children being small and still in their development stage are more sensitive to their physical function and therefore also to stimulus from their immediate environment.

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Massage Therapy For Seniors With Dementia

iuOther types of dementia include Lewy body dementia and frontotemporal dementia. A person can suffer from more than one type of the disease.

Efforts at state and federal levels strive to treat this disease without the use of anti-psychotic medication. One natural method that helps those suffering from dementia is massage. Because they don’t receive a lot of human touch, many older people experience feelings of loneliness, isolation and anxiety. Older adults who live with serious health conditions are especially receptive to a loving touch. They don’t often receive touch from health care providers, but older persons have reported that touch helps them feel safe and cared for.

Hand massage is something that dementia patients may especially benefit from. Five minutes of hand massage has been shown to cause the release of relaxing hormones and the decrease of cortisol levels. Low cortisol levels ensure a better sleep and a stronger immune system. Massage has also been shown to increase serotonin, the neurochemical responsible for mood regulation and relaxation. Agitated dementia patients have displayed a reduction in irritability lasting for up to one hour following a five- to 10-minute hand massage session. According to a 2010 study performed by Suzuki, both aggressive behavior and stress levels decreased significantly following hand massage.

Another massage method found to be affective is the slow-stroke back massage. Slow-stroke back massage uses long, rhythmic hand movements known as effleurage. One slow-stroke back method involves a figure-eight pattern on each side of the back. Massage stimulates the production of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers and antidepressants. Back massage also affects the autonomic nervous system, causing the person to relax. A simple three to five minute massage session of slow-stroke back massage has been proven to:

• Decrease anxiety
• Lull to sleep
• Ease pain
• Decrease agitation including care resistance and pacing
• Decrease blood pressure and heart rate

Foot massage is often readily accepted by those who may not feel comfortable with a back massage. As with any other type of massage, foot massages help promote sleep, ease pain and decrease anxiety. Studies have shown that 10-minute foot massages decreased verbal aggression and repetitive movements after two weeks of treatment for both men and women.

Touch is a language of the human heart. Giving a dementia patient the gift of touch can help him or her remember their worth by giving them a sense of love and care and easing the negative effects of the disease.

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The Advantages of Getting a Deep Tissue Massage

pooThis type of massage is done with deep finger pressure. The professional therapist will complete long, firm strokes of the deep tissue to treat all different kinds of physical issues. Just a few of the benefits of getting this type of therapy include treatment for chronic pain, an improvement in blood pressure, the ability to break up scar tissue, rehabilitating muscles that have been injured, and stress relief.

Those that suffer from chronic pain are often directed to take medication to get some relief. However, there are others that would rather not take a medicine when they feel a bit of discomfort. The side effects of the medication can often be worse than the original symptom. A massage can give relief to those suffering from chronic pain because it reduces the inflammation that is causing the problem.

Muscle tension is another reason for chronic pain. Muscle tension can happen anywhere throughout the body including the neck, back, feet, legs, arms and shoulders. With massage, the tight tissue clusters can be broken up. Over time, these muscles will no longer cause any issues. This method has been proven to be more affordable and even more effective than the more conventional methods for dealing with pain.

Someone with high blood pressure can also reap the benefits of deep tissue massage. The action of the massage therapy increases the level of serotonin in the body in a natural way. This is the chemical that makes you feel happy. With the new feeling, the blood pressure will go down giving the person that is suffering some reprieve.

Many professional health experts will recommend or even prescribe deep tissue massage after a major surgery. The therapist can help and break up the scar tissue that has been formed after the procedure has been done. There is an increase in flexibility and range of motion that also comes along with deep massage. It is ideal for someone who is limited in their ability to do physical therapy or other exercises.

Athletes and active people know what it is like to pull a muscle or injure tissue. This is not only uncomfortable, but it can also cause them to be stuck not being able to complete their normal routine. Deep tissue massage can help in the healing and rehabilitation process of those damaged areas of the body.

Sports professionals will often work a massage into their everyday routine. Along with exercise, eating right, and getting enough rest, a proper massage can help anyone perform at their best.

Tension headaches, tight muscles, neck pain, and back discomfort can all be brought on by stress. The proper deep tissue massage can help and ease the mind and body into a more relaxed state. As a result, the discomforts can be released and eventually eliminated. Many successful people choose to get massages regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Before turning to surgery, medication, or other forms of help when dealing with pain and discomfort, it is recommended by many experts to first take a chance on a massage. The process of being worked and relaxed by a person who has perfected their skill of deep tissue therapy is never going to cause any more issues than what you are already dealing with.

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5 Questions You Need to Get Answers for Before Getting a Massage

o0Are you feeling tired too often? Has the week been too hectic? Are you feeling pain in your joints? If so, then it’s most probably because your body is getting burned out. You need to take a break and relax yourself. Remember, we are not machines; even the strongest man has its limits. For decades now, people have been relying on massage therapy for relieving pain and also to achieve optimum relaxation.

How is a deep tissue therapy the solution to all chronic pains?

Deep tissue massage is a treatment system wherein the internal muscle layers and the connective tissues are re-adjusted. This sort of treatment is exceptionally useful for the contracted tissue muscles around the neck, lower back and shoulders. It recuperates both the stiffness of the neck and the lower back.

Just like conventional therapies, deep tissue therapy too is almost the same. The main difference is that the movement of the hand is much slower, yet the pressure is intensified significantly. From breaking scar tissues to relieving tensed muscles, everything can be achieved through this therapy.

How can it help?

When someone is suffering from chronic pains, therapists typically discover adhesions (groups of delicate, unbending tissue) in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. They can block blood flow and cause torment, restricted growth, and irritation.

It works by physically separating these adhesions to mitigate pain and restore free movement. To do this, the therapists usually apply direct pressure or cause friction over the grain of the muscles.

What can you expect?

During these therapy sessions, you can expect therapists to use their fingertips, hands, knuckles and elbows to apply pressure over your body. At some point, you will be asked to breathe deeply.

How long will it take?

It depends on individuals and their capability to withstand deep pressure for a considerable time. For some, it may be an hour while some individual can’t take it for more than half an hour.

From whom can you get such therapies?

Always ensure that you have the right professionals to conduct such treatments on you. Never trust an inexperienced hand because they can invariably cause you injuries. Also, it is important to consult a physician before going on a therapy centre because it’s important to evaluate your body to ascertain what kind of ailments it needs or which part of the body needs the most attention.

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